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Providing Maximum Optimal Health Through Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Brain-Balance Rehabilitation and Nutritional Counseling.

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If you're looking for solutions for your chronic health condition, you have come to the
right place

We use the latest, cutting-edge technologies and safe, natural alternative health solutions to chronic problems and health conditions. We focus on techniques and treatments that actually are PROVEN to work and only the ones that are appropriate for your pain management. Dr. Reynolds focuses on fixing the issues your body has, rather than your health symptoms being covered up with drugs.

No drugs. No surgery. Just results.   

Dr. Reynolds has developed a systematic approach to first, diagnosing and then treating each layer of your problem with a variety of painless techniques. We analyze your body's neurological & metabolic systems, review your diet and nutrition and then put together a plan and exit strategy to improve your body's performance and add maximum value to your life. 

Dr. Reynolds provides the “Trinity To Health”. She orchestrates the perfect combination of gentle chiropractic treatments while addressing your body's chemistryhormones and nutritional needs with Functional Medicine, blood chemistry analysis, functional immunology and endocrinology.

Functional medicine represents a dynamic, science-based approach to whole person health care that embraces optimal wellness as the goal. It is based on the awareness that many health problems are reflections of underlying imbalances in physiology and chemistry. She investigates and discovers the cause, not your label.

Then, adding Brain Based RehabTherapy, she can help awaken, balance or train parts of your brain that may not be functioning properly while facilitating the brain-body connection with Functional Neurology. This can lead to vast improvements in your quality of life and lessen the severity of many chronic conditions.

Atlanta Chiropractor. Dr. Alesia Reynolds provides Peripheral Neuropathy, Neuropathy , Diabetes Treatment, Nutrition, Knee Pain, Digestive Disorders , Numbness in the feet, back pain relief, neck pain relief to the following locations: Sandy Springs, GA, Roswell, GA, Marietta, GA, Alpharetta, GA. Sandy Springs, GA Chiropractor providing Peripheral Neuropathy, Neuropathy , Diabetes Treatment, Nutrition, Knee Pain, Digestive Disorders , Numbness in the feet in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, GA, Roswell, GA, Marietta, GA, Alpharetta, GA, Georgia.

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